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Mido x Fuji


Mido combines Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine, as well as the idea of conscious enjoyment rooted in Zen teachings. We offer a relaxed ambience in which you can enjoy everyday life with exquisite food.


The significant landmark of Japan - Mount Fuji, which is over 100,000 years old - is a symbol of Japanese culture and spirit, which Ha used as inspiration for his sushi creations due to its uniqueness, beauty and almost symmetrical cone. With this inspiration and passion for sushi, he opened his first restaurant in 1999 with a relaxed Japanese ambience supported by various elements from Japanese culture to provide the total Japan experience.

In doing so, Ha has made it his mission to achieve perfection in artful plating, so that, like Mount Fuji, whose symmetrical cone is clearly visible from every direction, the beauty of the sushi is equally visible from every angle.

Culinary variety


In our Vietnamese and Japanese restaurant, we offer a wide range of dishes from light Asian soups to Japanese grilled dishes and unique sushi. You can look forward to healthy, fresh and nutritious cuisine that embodies a fusion of traditional and modern dishes.

Traditional Japanese


Enjoy the delicious specialities from Asia and let yourself be whisked away on a culinary journey of pleasure. The tasteful journey is supported by the Japanese ambience, which is characterised by various Japanese style elements. The artistically painted rice paper lamps illuminate the wooden elements and paintings of the restaurant, which reflects Japanese culinary art. Soak up the relaxed ambience with delicious Asian food for the soul.


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